12 Signs That You May Be Smarter Than You Think


12 Signs That You May Be Smarter Than You Think

Signs That You May Be Smarter Than You Think. We’re all geniuses in our own way but perhaps some of us have a higher IQ than we might initially think. There are certain traits that have a correlation with a higher I.Q (although they are only linked and can’t be conclusively proven that they are because of having a higher I.Q) and here we look at a few of those traits and why they might be related to being smarter.

Signs of an intelligent person

12 Signs That You May Be Smarter Than You Think

Of course, if you’re smart, you probably know it but it’s well worth bearing these traits in mind if anyone ever questions your intelligence.

1. Sleepless Nights

Struggling with insomnia or poor sleep patterns can be a sign of an over-active mind that does not know how to switch off. It has been found that  the need to sleep per hour decreases as intelligence increases and so those with higher IQs tend to be less likely to get the same amount of time in bed.

Studies have also found that those who go to bed later and get up later tend to also have greater success in the workplace.

2. Monogamy In Men

There is a correlation between higher intelligence and fewer sexual partners but this could be due to the lifestyles of the super smart rather than their intelligence (think about it, if you’re in reading book all the time you’re less likely to go out and meet people and people who focus on mind over matter may be less likely to be attractive as they spend less time exercising and more time doing smart stuff).

Another theory is that smarter people differ from the evolutionary norm of wanting to pass on their genes to as many people as possible but rather have reached a point beyond that impulse.

3. Use Of Swear Words

There is a long-held belief that swearing is actually part of the vocabulary of those who lack the capacity to think of other words and so are a little dim. However, it turns out that the opposite may be true as a study has found that those who swear more often may be more verbally fluent overall as they employ the foul language to get their point across.

Of course, the societal taboo of swearing still tends to reflect poorly on the user but this idea of pushing past taboos is often associated with forward thinkers.

4. Risky Business

Believe it or not, risk taking could be a sign of greater smarts as a Finnish study recently found. Adolescents who took quicker, riskier decisions were found to have more white brain matter, which is traditionally associated with cognitive function. As such these risk takers may be more aware of their abilities and more comfortable making these decisions.

Of course, persistent risk-taking could also be a sign of not thinking things through and thus complete idiocy.

5. Trusting In Others

According to a study by Oxford University, trusting others could be a sign of a high IQ. Some cynics out there may roll their eyes at this but the idea is that those with a higher IQ may be better at judging people’s personalities and so form bonds based on astute observations on how that person might act in certain situations.

It could also be an evolutionary trait where those that form bonds tend to have a greater network of people to rely on for support.

6. Lying

You may trust others but you’re a flagrant liar. Why? Because you know you can get away with it. Lying involves a level of deception that requires the brain to function efficiently, process different stories and be creative with its development of a fiction and so your reasoning and logic functions may be increased.

It has also shown that liars may have a better memory as well, as the same parts of the brain associated with memory are used in lying.

7. Social Awkwardness

Social awkwardness and anxiety have both been linked to those who are smarter but whether this is a causality or just because of the link between excessive education and anti-social intellectual pursuits can not really be clarified too easily. It has been suggested that both Charles Darwin and Galileo suffered from social anxiety.

So next time you avoid that party, just now you’re probably smarter than everyone there any way.

8. Substance Abuse

We here at Lifehack Lane by no means encourage or promote the use of illicit drug taking or binge drinking but studies appear to have shown that there is a direct correlation between intelligence in childhood and illegal drug use in adulthood. Taking drugs won’t make you more intelligent (in fact, quite the opposite) but it is linked to those with higher IQs.

If you are drawn to experimentation, it may show a more enlightened side to you.

9. Blue Eyes

Yes, weirdly enough, studies going right back to the 1920s have found a link between blue eyes and academia whilst brown eyes are more closely associated with sporting prowess and fast reactions. This is by no means the be all and end all of academic success but it could be something to do with genetic coding.

But don’t let the way you look hold you back. Work hard and you can achieve anything.

10. Musical Ability

Learning a musical instrument could have a very positive effect on the brain and its development and the sooner you start learning the better as, if you pick something up before the age of seven, then you may exhibit greater results. So if you had to learn an instrument whilst at school, you may have unknowingly benefited from it.

In general, the part of the brain that processes information is more developed in a musician than the average.

11. Smart Parents

It kind of goes without saying that if you have smart parents, they may raise you in a similar manner that they were raised that may encourage educational pursuits. However, studies have shown that it could also come down to the makeup of your DNA with the FNBP1L gene being significantly associated with intelligence.

Apparently, around an average of 20 to 40 percent of a child’s intelligence is inherited from their parents

12. Being Left Handed

Historically, lefties have always had a bit of an issue with being thought evil and adept in the dark arts but maybe this was a ploy by right-handed people who thought they were too smart. Yes, research has shown that the left-handed population has historically produced more overachievers, more musical talent and mathematical giftedness.

With a higher vocabulary, being more creatively minded and better at problem-solving skills the lefties are pretty darn smart. That being said, right-handedness is, typically, better with logic and reasoning.

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