15 of The Most Spectacular Music Venues Around The World

15 of The Most Spectacular Music Venues Around The World

15 of The Most Spectacular Music Venues Around The World

15 of The Most Spectacular Music Venues Around The World. Going to a concert or a gig can be a brilliant experience as we go to see our favorite band perform live or see a thrilling and touching opera or classical performance that soars and stirs something in you but sometimes it is not just the music that can inspire and kick up an emotion from inside you but also the incredible venues where we go to see and hear these renditions.

The Most Spectacular Music Venues Around The World

To the acoustically amazing to the visually stunning, some of the best and most beautiful buildings in the world are designed for music performances. Here we look at some these stunners from across the globe.

The Most Spectacular Music Venues Around The World

1. The Royal Albert Hall – London, England

An incredibly grand and historical building that was based on the ancient Greek amphitheaters, it was built to commemorate Queen Victoria’s husband who loved all things Greek. ¬†With glorious ¬†glowing ceiling orbs or its beautiful mosaic frieze, it is a stunning piece of regal architecture built by an Empire at the height of its powers.

With an impressive set of organ pipes that reach from the floor to the ceiling, it is overlooked by a golden statue of Albert himself from across the road.

The Most Spectacular Music Venues Around The World

2. Slane Castle – County Meath, Ireland

Built over three centuries ago by the Conyngham family , this fantastic gothic style castle has gorgeous sloping grounds surrounding it on all sides that form a natural amphitheater as it overlooks the River Boyne. About 40 miles north of Dublin, this is one of the most spectacular venues in the country and has a whopping capacity of 80,000.

Hosting some of the biggest artists on the planet, its beauty is undeniable.

The Most Spectacular Music Venues Around The World

3. Harpa Concert Hall – Reykjavik, Iceland

Only opening in 2011, this structure is a modern masterpiece of architecture with geometric-shaped pieces of colored glass that are ever changing as the light hits it at different angles. Designed by Danish firm Henning Larsen Architects and Danish-Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson it is supposed to take inspiration from Iceland’s landscape of fiery volcanoes and icy glaciers.

Sitting on the waterfront of Reykjavik, it is possibly one of the most picturesque concert venues on the globe.

The Most Spectacular Music Venues Around The World

4. Dalhalla – Rattvik, Sweden

Only open in the summer months, this venue sits in the center of Sweden in a former limestone quarry where the stage is separated from the audience by its own moat. What makes it so spectacular is that it is nowhere near any bustling cities but rather surrounded by forests and its name is an apt reference to Valhalla, a hall in which heroes killed in battle were believed to feast with the god Odin for eternity.

A visually and acoustically stunning experience, there are very few venues like this one.

The Most Spectacular Music Venues Around The World
PB3X9P The restored Ross Fountain in West Princes Street Gardens Edinburgh Scotland with Edinburgh Castle in the background.

5. Princes Street Gardens – Edinburgh, Scotland

Overlooked by the magnificent Edinburgh castle that is perched up on high, these gorgeous floral gardens are filled with flowers and intricate statues and monuments. A former loch that was originally built for defense, it was drained due to pollution and building work in the city and turned into these magnificent public gardens.

In the summer months it hosts some amazing artists in its Ross Theatre Bandstand whilst, come the winter, it is the crux of the Hogmanay (Scottish New Year) festivities in the capital.

The Most Spectacular Music Venues Around The World

6. Palais Garnier – Paris, France

A six-ton grand chandelier sits over the main performance hall whilst marble staircases lead up to the viewing areas and the grand foyer is nothing short of awe-inspiring. Whilst the name may not ring any bells, the interior will as it became the setting for¬†Gaston Leroux’s 1910 classic novel¬†The Phantom of the Opera, as well as Andrew Lloyd Webber’s subsequent musical of the same name.

As much an icon of France as the Notre Dame cathedral of the Louvre art gallery, it is both elegant and opulent in equal measure.

The Most Spectacular Music Venues Around The World

7. Radio City Music Hall – New York City, USA

Within the famed Rockefeller Center sits one of the best-known music venues in the entire world in the Radio City Music Hall which is named after its first occupants, The Radio Corporation of America (RCA). Designed in an art-deco style it has glorious arches that create both awe and yet a feeling of warmth and coziness.

An auditorium that can hold over 5,000 people it is surprisingly intimate and much loved by fans and performers alike.

The Most Spectacular Music Venues Around The World

8. Bolshoi Theatre – Moscow, Russia

Notably associated with ballet this grand theater has weathered financial turmoil and political unrest to become an icon of both the city it is within and the country as a whole. With a jaw-dropping Neo-Classical facade, it is even included on Russian banknotes and was the site of the premiere of Tchaikovsky’s legendary Swan Lake ballet in 1877.

Being a cultural icon, many worried that it might survive the collapse of the Soviet Union but it lives on just as grand as ever.

The Most Spectacular Music Venues Around The World

9. Teatro Alla Scala (La Scala) – Milan, Italy

Over 200 years old, this expansive venue has six tiers rising up to the roof that holds up to 2,800 people. Considered the height of sophistication and grandeur, the venues patrons are only used to the best of the best and have been known to jeer and heckle sub-par performances. Despite being immersed in history, it has up to date monitors in many of the seats for translations at certain events like the opera.

Not just a concert venue it also has a beautiful museum stuffed with fine art and paintings alongside an academy that foster young, up and coming talent.

The Most Spectacular Music Venues Around The World

10. Teatro Colon – Buenos Aires, Argentina

Supposedly having the best acoustics of any venue in the world, the late, great¬†Luciano Pavarotti said of it:¬†“The acoustics are so good that every mistake can be heard.” But it’s not just a treat for the ears but also the eyes as it uses Italian styles in its use of three types of marble, French stained glass, a 700-light stately chandelier, and 2500 seats spread across seven stunning tiers of seating.

It took over 18 years to build before it opened in 1857, with the construction process being mired in death and murder.

The Most Spectacular Music Venues Around The World

11. Koncerthuset – Copenhagen, Denmark

Costing a whopping $300m to build, this futuristic concert hall may well be the most expensive in the world and includes a 6,000 pipe organ. A blue, illuminated cube, it has a rather otherworldly presence and is home to the Danish National Symphony Orchestra and the Danish Broadcasting Corporation.

The walls themselves can become giant screen projections to show the world what is happening on the inside and out.

12. The National Centre For Performing Art – Beijing, China

Dubbed ‘The Giant Egg’ by locals, this venue is surrounded by a35,500 square meter manmade lake that reflects the vistas of the surrounding buildings in its crystal clear waters, making it all the more spectacular at night when the city is aglow. Right by Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City , it is one of the most stunning parts of China’s capital.

The Most Spectacular Music Venues Around The World

Ultra-modern, this building is unlike any other in the world and incorporates a yin-yang-esque design to hark back to ancient traditions and beliefs.

13. Konzerthaus – Berlin, Germany

Dating back to the 19th century, this grand hall has had many uses over the years and once even housed the Prussian National assembly before Germany was even a country. Now the home of the German orchestra Konzerthausorhchester Berlin, it is surrounded by sculptures of many great composers who have had their work exhibited there.

The Most Spectacular Music Venues Around The World

14. Concertgebouw – Amsterdam, Netherlands

Draped in Burgundy, this concert hall is the home to the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra who benefit from  one of the best acoustics in the world but it also hosts many popular music acts, some of whom have even performed alongside the orchestra. Opening in 1888, it has an extremely regal air about the place.

Amsterdam is known to be a cultural hub of the Netherlands and Europe and this is one of its greatest contributors.

The Most Spectacular Music Venues Around The World

15. The Royal Opera House – Sydney, Australia

Located on the waterfront of the world famous Sydney harbor, this opera house has become an icon of the city and of Australia due to its unique white sails that are supposed to represent those of the boats coming into the dock as well as the movement of the waves that it peers out onto. One of the 20th centuries most famous and distinctive buildings, construction began in 1959 but it wasn’t formally opened until 1973.

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