Anime Ahegao Hoodie Zipper

Ahegao Hoodie is a nickname given to a hoodie which design consists of multiple images of hentai characters with the ahegao expressions on their faces. The hoodie gained the reputation that of a shock clothing, with the hoodie and its design also appearing in memes related to the weeaboo culture.

Anime Ahegao Hoodie Zipper

Chilly outside? Fan of some Waifu Hentai?! Rock this funny Ahegao Hoodie and ahegao jacket and get everyone staring at you and getting some definite Hentai Points. No better way to feel nice and toasty!!!

Anime Ahegao Hoodie Zipper
Anime Ahegao Hoodie Zipper

The word ahegao can be defined in English as “moaning face”.
In Japanese, the correct pronunciation of ahegao is ah-heh-gah-oh.
The vowels in ahegao are pronounced as short vowels. This means that the both “a”s are pronounced with a soft “ah” sound. The “e” is pronounced with an “eh” sound. The final “o” is pronounced with an “oh” sound, which is also emphasized.

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