Do hamsters bury themselves before they die?

Do hamsters bury themselves before they die?

I used to have a hamster that lived for 2 years and a half before he died.Do hamsters bury themselves before they die?

Do hamsters bury themselves before they die?

His name was Butters.

Butters was always active throughout his life, constantly finding ways out of his cage but returning soon after escaping.

He ran on his wheel every night.

And he loved when I put him in the hamster ball to allow him to free roam around the house.

It seemed as if he never aged.

He was always active and healthy which I’m glad for.

But one morning, I found him in the corner of his cage sleeping. He had died.

It wasn’t a shock. It had already been two years and a half, so I was expecting him to go soon.

Butters was a happy, healthy hamster and I swear, he didn’t age.

So to answer your question, I guess hamsters eat, run on their wheels, and soon fall asleep before they die, because that’s definitely what Butters did.

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How Long do hamsters live for?

Hamsters generally live for about 3–4 years. However, even if she is older, there is still a chance that she may simply be in hibernation. If you are unsure that your hamster may not be dead, PLEASE DO NOT BURY THEM!!!!! Your hibernating hamster will die if buried alive, and they will suffer beforehand…

How can you tell when your hamster is dying?

A dying hamster is one that becomes still in its daily affairs, it hardly plays anymore and it will sleep a lot often finding unusual places in the cage to try to hide itself whilst it is preparing to die.

It may just also surprise you and all of a sudden it has slept into its forever sleep when you were not expecting it to. But mainly, signs of a failing hamster include loss of appetite, loss of thirst, failure to groom itself and not moving out of its house to be clean.

Though there are a few perfectly healthy hamsters that still soil their bedding, this seems to usually be if they have larger sleeping quarters and they don’t want to get up and go out of their houses and turn a part of their quarters to a toilet! This has nothing to do with a dying hamster, just is more of a bad habit on the part of the hamster!

Do hamsters bury themselves before they die?

What are some common signs that a hamster may be dying?

Labored breathing.

Number one sign that your hamster has less than 48 hours on the ol’ life clock. Labored or noisy breathing: it might sound like a little squeak or sigh. Hamster is probably curled up trying to sleep and breathing hard.

Just now seeing your question details:

That marble sized lump is either a tumor or an abscess. A tumor grows very slowly and an abscess grows very fast. I am betting tumor. It is probably benign but your little girl will not be able to feed herself and the growing tumor. The tumor is taking up all the calories and energy your hamster is taking in. That’s why she is so skinny. You can supplement her diet with baby food. Sweet potatos, peas, applesauce flavors are good. It doesn’t solve the problem, but it extends the life of your pet a few weeks. And baby food is very liquid, it might get some fluid into her. If she is comfortable otherwise, that is what I would do.

If th lump is very soft and has appeared suddenly, (like overnight) it is an abscess and you can drain it and clean it. Very messy, very stinky, very stressful for the hamster and the abscess will probably recurr. But I had a small pet that lived with a recurring abscess for two months. I drained and cleaned the abscess at least three times, and it seemed to help the animal at least for a week or two.

It could also be a cancerous tumor. I would still treat with baby food and comfort. There are vets that will remove a tumor like that, but the hamster is skinny, the tumor will likely recur, and it is hard to find a qualified vet for small animals and the cost can be prohibitive.

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I am so sorry your little pet is sick. It can be very stressful, I know you want to do everything you can to help your little winter white. I am NOT a vet, –just a mom who helped with various hamsters our family has known and loved.

Do hamsters bury themselves before they die?

How do hamsters die?

Most hamsters live between 1.5–3 years, they can live up to 5 but this is rare. Their heartbeat, respiration and metabolism is very fast, so they age fast too.

It’s very possible if he was old he died of a natural complication, such as a stroke, heart attack or other organ failure. Like people can when they get old.

Maybe he had a cancer or other illness that got too much.

They’re very good at hiding their pain, and can go downhill so quikly you don’t even have time to phone a vet, so often there’s nothing we can do to save them. They’re very delicate little lives.

Before burying or cremating them, warm them up slowly for a hour or so; in your hands or pockets or a blanket, as they can go into a very deep sleep when they get cold and it looks like they’re dead.

Sadly pets die. You can provide them the best care in the world, and one day they will still pass on.

How do I know if my hamster is dead?

Back in the 1990′s I was a long haul truck driver, and wanted a truck companion. I got a dwarf teddy bear hamster. I named her Hamlin Hamster. But called her Bebe. She was so small, like a fuzzy ping pong ball. She was a good truck pet, small, contained and easy to take care of. Being nocturnal, she put as many miles on her wheel at night as I did driving and was good company.

While visiting a friend I noticed something on her chin. Found out later that it was dust mites, and she was scratching her chin raw. I put her on her back and tried to wash her chin with a damp cloth. Suddenly her little head and body went limp, her eyes closed and she stopped breathing. I killed her !!

I panicked. Out of desperation, I tried to give her CPR, I had nothing to loose. Figuring putting her on her back had somehow cut off her ability to breathe, I quickly gave her a couple of finger thumps with my thumb and middle finger. Quickly put her on her stomach and quickly moved her front legs together and apart.

My version of “hamster CPR”. After the world’s longest minute, Bebe started coughing and perked up. Seemed to be OK. But I took her to the nearest small animal vet. Found the problem was dust mites.

The female vet was going to show me how to gently clean her chin and use the ointment. Before I could say anything or stop her, she turned Bebe on her back, and Bebe bailed again. The vet looked at me and was saying she was so sorry. I snatched Bebe, thumped her chest a couple of times, turned her over on her tummy and started working those front legs, while the vet looked on in horror. Like the first time Bebe came back to life.

I thought the vet was going to faint. The vet asked me how I knew to do what I did. That Bebe haden’t fainted, she had died. And what I did she had never even heard of, nor had she learned it could be done to revive a hamster. I told her it had happened before and I was just winging it. The vet had me show her what to do, she was in shock and didn’t really pay attention. But was so impressed that it worked. And wanted to learn.

Maybe you might be able to try what I did. Hamsters are quite delicate, but I acted in desperation and the results made it worthwhile.

Hamsters don’t live very long, but Bebe had a good long life for a hamster. And I loved that little fat ball of fuzz.

Bebe would not sit still for me or any of the people who wanted to hold her, BUT I learned she would sit in my hand if I gave her a Cool Ranch Dorito to chew on.

She would sit on her butt in my hand with her back legs sitting straight out in front, holding the chip in her front “hands” like a steering wheel, then rotate the chip around and around, so fast, gnawing the edges down to nothing. Cutest thing you ever saw.

Every trucker I let hold her that way would say “Watch her eat, isn’t she cute”. I always thought if I could get a man to say that about me, I would get married again.

How do you treat a hamster that has a swollen stomach?

When you bought this animal, you accepted the burden of caring fo it humanely. Think of yourself…what problems and pain might be coming with the symptom of a swollen belly. it is your job to keep this little animal from suffering.

My hamster is dying should I let him free?

Absolutely not!

He is sick, and the first thing you want to do is send him into a strange place, where he does not know his way around, expects food and drink to be given to him, and has spent his whole life in a safe place with no predators. He will either starve, get hit by a car, eaten by a cat or hawk or snake, or… die of whatever made him sick in the first place.

I don’t think you would like it very much if you caught the flu, and your parents decided to send you to some foreign country, with no food, no money, and could not speak the language. Why didn’t they just take you to the doctor?

Take the poor thing to a vet.

Never ever let a pet go outside. Dogs are not wolves anymore. Cats are not lions anymore. They do not know how to survive in the wild. Sure, you would take a dog out for walks, and it would know the neighborhood. Sure, a cat that grew up inside might figure out how to live outside. But there’s also a huge size difference between dogs, cats, and hamsters.

Have you ever seen a wild hamster running loose in your neighborhood? In the park? Forest preserve? No, and you never will.

Hamsters started out as desert creatures, in Syria. I doubt they could even survive in Arizona. Some areas even have laws against even owning them, because they could get loose, are not native to the area, and have no natural predators in that area. There’s some wild ones in France now. But no, they are not meant to live outside on their own. They will die.

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