Dyson dc65 animal upright vacuum reviews

If you’re considering buying a Dyson, then you’re part of just a few lucky people that can afford such a quality appliance. Dysons are like the Mercedeses of vacuum cleaners. In particular, DC65 Animal Complete (DC66 in Canada) passed with flying colors as one of my recommended top 5 vacs, at the moment discounted on Amazon. There are 3 versions of this upright vacuum cleaner: DC65 Multi Floor (cheapest), DC65 Animal (the middle version) and DC65 Animal Complete (top version). Basically, the only differences between them are the number of accessories you receive in the box and their color.

Dyson dc65 animal upright vacuum reviews
Dyson dc65 animal upright vacuum reviews

Let’s talk 2 mins about it before you buy this. You may want to learn:

  1. If it’s worth the money
  2. If it’s right for you
  3. If there are other vacs you’d like more
Dyson dc65 animal upright vacuum reviews

I’m also confident you’re eager to check my VGM and my subjective recommendation. Moreover, you’ll find here undisclosed stuff you can only read on my blog, such as positive and negative reviews from real customers, the pros and cons of special product features and others. Here’s a small video presentation of this vacuum cleaner:

Perfect, so now that we’ve passed the introduction, let’s continue with the review of this marvelous upright

Dyson dc65 animal upright vacuum reviews

First, a few words about the producer. Dyson is a rather new company, founded in 1993. The single word that covers almost completely the company profile is excellence. You may not know, but Dyson was the first company that produced bagless vacuum cleaners. Moreover, they were the first to introduce transparent dust containers. The one feature that continues to amaze me is the ingenuous Cyclonic Separation technique, which uses centrifugal force to filter dust and other particles from the air stream. Due to their continuous innovations, Dyson company is highly sensitive to patent infringements, and a lot of lawsuits revolving around this manufacturer are either ongoing or finished. Now, let’s see what this producer says about the DC65 model. Oh yea, it says it outsmarts the competition by 200% in suction power, as you can see from the left figure taken from the producer’s site. What else? Well, a tangle-free turbine would do, so would 25% more power to the brush, for more dirt removal. But let get a glimpse of all features:

Dyson dc65 animal upright vacuum reviews

The sheet of features

Suction powerUses a V4 engine with Radial Root Cyclone technology. This presumes a supplementary filtration system that trap small particles of dust that would diminish the suction performance over time. DC65 retains its 245 AW through years of usage.
Input power1200 watts.
Dust capacity0.55 gallons, common for most uprights.
Filtration system efficiencyPost-turbine washable HEPA filter. A bit spartan, but keep in mind that all Dyson vacs are certified by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, so rest assured it’s a great washable filter.
Weight and Dimensions42.4 x 13.4 x 15.4 inches at 17.35 pounds – which is an average weight in uprights.
Warranty5 years warranty from the producer, which is one of the longest I’ve seen
AccessoriesThe basic version of DC65 includes the combination accessory tool and the stair tool. If you have pets, you’ll have to opt for the middle version to get the soft dusting brush and the tangle-free turbine tool. Finally, the complete version comes with an additional multi-angle brush, a stiff bristle brush, a zorb and a handy tool storage bag.
Special featuresBetter brush bar – The brush bar comes equipped with 2 rear wheels and cord wrap hooks. The bristles are shorter and stiffer, meaning they can better penetrate the carpet fibers and remove remove more dirt, but are also suitable for hard floors. You can control this brush bar using the fingertip controls to change its rotation.
Tangle-free Turbine tool – DC65 Animal and Animal Complete versions come with a tangle-free brush which can easily remove pet hair.
UsabilityThis vac rides on the latest Ball™ technology, so you can steer it with only one hand. You no longer have to worry about different types of surfaces, as this baby comes with a self adjusting cleaner head that automatically changes its height to seal in the air flow across all types of floors, from hard wood to carpets. DC65 has detachable canister that simplifies the disposal process, and the hose and wand release in one smooth action that to the built-in extension wand, so you can reach places you never thought.
PriceStarting from , and you can get weekly discounts on Amazon.
Dyson dc65 animal upright vacuum reviews
Dyson dc65 animal upright vacuum reviews

Here’s what people who bought and liked the vacuum are saying:

Dyson dc65 animal upright vacuum reviews
  • …Dyson’s online video which demonstrates all parts of the DC65 was very helpful in understanding its snap-click features. Since about 10 days had passed between the failure of the Kirby and the arrival of the new Dyson, it really got the dog hair test! It easily vacuumed all that plus a lot of embedded dirt that the Kirby must not have been getting. We live in a very dusty area, so I’m impressed with the turbine suction… I really like the ease in which the cleaner head goes from carpeting to hard surfaces, and the buttons for on/off & hard-surface are conveniently located… So far I’m impressed with the DC65’s performance, weight (light compared to the Kirby), snap & click method for attachments, nice quality accessory bag, plus the feature to keep two small accessories snapped onto the vacuum that I use the most. Since I’ve had this for less than a month, I’m reserving it from 5-star status until I see how the gaskets and filters hold up to the fine dirt that permeates our environment.
  • so far working great. Just got it so still playing with all the different parts that came with it. Not sure if it’s that much better than the Infiniti vacuum I recently had but will be comparing… it looks and functions great and a cheaper cost than list.
  • Arrived earlier than I expected… The price is good when compared with Sears’ price
  • My wife loves this vacuum. great for picking up dog hair.
  • Love the lighter weight. Awesome suction power & attachments…
  • This was our third Dyson, and let me tell you, this was the best yet. The first one we had six years before it broke down. We decided to get a new one instead of having it repaired (which Dyson was more than happy to help us with if we went that route), and the second one we had a couple of years before we sold it to a friend to get the DC65. The thing sucks. Of course when reviewing a vacuum, that’s a good thing. This model picks up more dirt than I have ever seen a vacuum pick up. I have a cat, a dog, and a rabbit, and there is pet hair and dander all over the carpet every other day. This machine sucks it all up with ease. I got to the point where we were asking each other if the floor had been vacuumed at all. I mean I vacuumed on a Saturday and ended up with a full bin full of dirt, hair, and other God knows what. I did it again on Monday, and it was like I hadn’t vacuumed in a week. It was pretty amazing to say the least.

And here’s what the guys who bought it and didn’t like it are saying:

  •  The packaging was disappointing, though. It looks like it went around the world before it got to me and had a forklift hole inside of the box. I needed to make sure the product wasn’t damaged which wasn’t. Also, the product looked like it had a white dust film inside of it almost like somewhat tested it prior to selling it to me. Not sure what this was about since I am buying new…
  • ..it’s good, but I like more powerful one I had from Kenmore…
  • My wife does have two issues with it. First the kickstand, very easy to disengage. When the stand is down if you tilt the vacuum and push forward it collapses. It seems to be made only to be able to pull the when you are transporting it. The seconded it the rotary brush, she liked how easy it was to take the bush out in the older model to clean.
  • …the ball seems too large & hard to turn corner with…

My VGM rating and thoughts on the product:

Dyson dc65 animal upright vacuum reviews

Ok, so let’s check these reviews. Let’s leave aside the positive reviews, they are plenty, and every one of them seem to show how much joy this gadget brings to their owners. Now, focusing on the negative opinions, it seems to me packaging is something that is out of the hands of the manufacturer/seller. Moreover, I’m pretty sure all Amazon items have transportation insurance, so no worries here. About the suction power, I’ve tested hundreds of vacuums, tens of Kenmore’s, but I’m but far impressed and excited in the same time by this model. Let me put it this way: the DC65’s suction power is unbelievable. Some people reported the dust bin is too little, but in fact 0.55 gallons is fairy common – the suction is so unbelievable and the cleaning is so thorough, that it fills up the dirt compartment immediately. The Ball technology is meant to increase usability, but some people may require some extra time to get used to it. And so much attention was given to the brush part of this model, that I don’t think we will see any time soon a vacuum that comes up with a more versatile product. Here are my individual ratings and my final VGM score:

Ratings for Dyson DC65

Well, 97 out of 100 is pretty smooth, especially if I gave the mark. The price is a little high IMO, but considering the value added by Dyson, it’s definitely worth it. Simply put, if you can afford it, buy it.

Do you own a Dyson? Share your thoughts on the matter! Want to buy one? Ask me anything you find unclear, I’m here to serve :). Want some incentive? Check out Amazon for substantial discounts.

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