[FACTS] How long do mosquitoes live

How long do mosquitoes live Indoor and Outdoor

How long do mosquitoes live Indoor and Outdoor

Mosquitoes got you down, huh? Well, here is the short answer on their lifespan. When you re asking how long do mosquitoes live, chances are you have just recently suffered a mosquito bite (or several).

How long do mosquitoes live Indoor and Outdoor

There are actually certain individuals that actually bring mosquitoes more often than others. These are the ones you need to stay away from. While this may seem like common knowledge, it seems everyone is unaware of this simple piece of knowledge.

What you need to know about how long do mosquitoes live is that some species lay their eggs in water. The larvae and eggs hatch into mosquitoes once they find a wet or moist surface to lay their eggs on. It is important to keep these species from hatching so as not to spread their larvae to any other areas.

Within the United States there are over eight hundred species of mosquito. This number breaks down to around one hundred and twenty three species per county.

Of course, this does not include any species found in Canada or Mexico, which could potentially multiply the number of these little buggers as well. So, how long do mosquitoes live in one year? Well, most will live between four and seven weeks.

How long do mosquitoes eggs live

Female mosquitoes, as the name suggests, lay their eggs in a females body. These eggs can live up to two to four days before falling off. To put it in perspective, it only takes a female mosquito biting you once to make you suffer from the effects of this bothersome pest.

In order to lessen the likelihood of suffering from these biting insects it is vital to refrain from laying eggs in any area that can provide moisture for the life cycle of these pests. This can be accomplished by using plastic covers on your windows, doors, and other outdoor structures.

Does male mosquitoes bite

Male mosquitoes do not usually bite females, but they will occasionally feed on them. Their main food source is what they feed on while traveling from one location to another. When they return they will lay their eggs on the forest floors, lawns, and on any open surface where they can find moisture. They will also feed on any standing water in your yard. You can purchase products at your local hardware store that can help to repel these pesky creatures from your yard.

How long do mosquitoes live Indoor and Outdoor

As stated before, how long do mosquitoes live varies from one individual to another. The lifespan depends on many factors, such as the environment the individual lives in, the species of mosquito, their diet, and many other environmental factors. In addition, the type of mosquito is also a factor.

For example, if a single mosquito feeds exclusively on an animal then their lifespan will be shortened due to the fact that no other animal will be eating them.

How long do mosquitoes live during a certain season

How long do mosquitoes live during a certain season or time of the year is not only dependent on the one who is asking, but on the conditions surrounding the biting insects as well.

For example, during rainy seasons mosquitoes tend to be less active and thus you will typically find them residing in the yard for the entire duration of the rainy season. Likewise, during wintertime they are inactive and you will see them hibernating in the ground.

Knowing how long do mosquitoes live also has to do with knowing how to get rid of them once you have discovered them. The lifespan of most mosquitoes can be cut in half or more if you take the proper measures to eliminate them from your surroundings.

If you want to know how long do mosquitoes live then you should consider seeking the services of an expert pest control professional. Proper treatment of your yard and/or indoor environment will ensure the longest possible lifespan of the mosquito.

When you’re trying to control a pest, it helps to know some information about it, including its lifecycle.

In total, mosquitoes who aren’t eaten by predators and die of “old age” live for about one to two months. However, at the time they die, their young are already developing, which means more females will be out in search of a blood meal soon.

How long do mosquitoes live Indoor and Outdoor

How long do mosquitoes live without blood

Only the female mosquito, which has a longer life span, actually bites and feeds on blood. Prior to hibernation, she will typically gorge on blood to get through the winter months. In the dormant stage during cold weather, she can generally go as long as six months without eating or drinking.

The Lifecycle of the Mosquito


Before laying eggs, a female mosquito must eat a blood meal. This helps the eggs develop properly. It’s also the reason that only female mosquitoes bite. After finding a blood meal, the female lays her eggs in either an area prone to flooding or water that is stagnant or slow moving.

Different species of mosquitoes lay their eggs in certain ways. For example, some species might lay eggs singly, so that they’re scattered about. Others lay hundreds of eggs side by side and stacked on top of one another so the eggs stick together and form a type of raft that floats on the water. It takes about a week for mosquito eggs to hatch.


After the eggs hatch, they become larvae. Mosquito larvae are sometimes called “wigglers” or “wrigglers.” The larvae are about one-fourth of an inch long and resemble hairy worms, but they have separate body sections. Most also have a siphon tube that extends from their abdomens. This tube works as a snorkel and allows the larvae to breathe.

The larvae spend most of their time hanging upside down near the water’s surface and eating. They feed on microorganisms, like algae and fungi. They need to eat a lot so they can grow and molt four times. The larval stage lasts around 14 days, and at the end of their final molt, the larvae are called pupae and are about double their original size.

How long do mosquitoes live Indoor and Outdoor


The pupae float toward the surface of the water. While they don’t eat or molt, they do dive and tumble in response to changes in the light. Because of this, they are also called “tumblers.” The pupae spend about one to four days in their casing developing into adult mosquitoes.


Mosquitoes reach adulthood after emerging from their pupal casings. Males hatch first and are followed by the females shortly afterward, at which time there is a mating swarm. Males live for a couple of weeks, but females can live for almost a month. The males feed on nectar; however, as you learned, the females will need a blood meal at some point, which they get through biting humans. After finding a blood meal, the female lays her eggs and starts the cycle again.

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