How much would it cost to start a pet sanctuary?

How much would it cost to open a pet sanctuary?

How much would it cost to start a pet sanctuary?

How much would it cost to open a pet sanctuary? This is a question that has haunted many home and property owners in the US. If you are considering the option of opening a sanctuary for your pets, there are a number of things you should take into account. For starters, do you have the space? What are the costs associated with setting up such a sanctuary?

How much would it cost to open a pet sanctuary?

Most people think that a pet sanctuary would be an empty space with no furniture or possessions inside it. On the contrary, it can be anything you like – a space which houses your pets. It can be a space where you can host parties and entertain guests. It can even be a place where you can meditate and relax. All of these are possible, but if you do not have the money, you will most likely have to make do with something practical like a fenced in yard, an area in your garden or even on a patio.

How much would it cost to start a pet sanctuary?

If you have a big heart for animals, a passion for rescuing them from neglect, abuse and disaster, and a head for the business end of the operation, you just might have what it takes to open an animal rescue shelter.

You will need to clearly define your niche market in order to equip yourself with the right facilities, supplies, and staff to properly care for your rescued animals during their stay with you.

It will also be important to have good discernment when it comes to assessing the suitability of a potential adoptive family and their ability to give your animals the TLC they need.

Find a location

Once you have decided on the location, you can now start thinking about filling it. Are you going to buy a lot of materials and set it up yourself? Would a do-it-yourself do it appeal more to you? If you were asked these questions by a friend or acquaintance who already has a pet sanctuary, then go for it. You might be pleasantly surprised at how much you actually save.


Now let’s discuss a bit about what kind of things you can put in it. It would need a cat bed, a few hanging baskets to place toys in, and something to place the bowls on. Also, it would be nice to have a couple of books on cat care, a book on how to train cats, and maybe even some videos or DVD’s on how to train your pet. You could also include some basic supplies such as food, water and litter boxes.

If this sounds like a job description written with you in mind, animal rescue may be the right career move for you.

How Big Is The Animal Rescue Industry?

How much would it cost to start a pet sanctuary?

According to an IBIS World report, the Humane Society of the U.S. statistics shows that animal rescue shelters rescue six to eight million cats and dogs every year. Add to that rescues of other types of pets and wildlife, and you have a potential market of millions upon millions of animals in need of a little extra help to recovery from injury, disaster, neglect, and abuse. Yearly revenues from the animal rescue industry exceed $600 million and growing.

Why Starting An Animal Rescue Business Now Is A Good Idea

There is a growing awareness of the problem of pet overpopulation and an objection to pet euthanasia which is driving more families to choose to adopt rescue pets rather than simply buying a new pet. As a result, revenue from animal rescue shelters has been on the rise and is expected to continue its growth trend through 2019.

Animal Rescue Business Facts

Here are some facts and figures about the animal rescue business you should consider:

How much would it cost to start a pet sanctuary?

What is Animal rescue startup costs?

So, how much would it cost to open a pet sanctuary? Well, it would actually depend on the type of sanctuary that you have and the amount of money that you want to spend. If you are just starting out with your own pet sanctuary, then you may want to start with a simple cat tree. It can serve as a good learning tool, and you may even feel that it is a waste not to have one as long as you don’t mind seeing your pets at night.

The Humane Society recommends calculating space needed at 90 to 100 square feet per dog and 45 to 50 square feet per cat. If you are planning to rescue larger animals or marine animals, you may need more space depending on how large your planned capacity is. Then multiply that times the cost per square foot for the new construction or renovation of existing facilities. This is estimated to range from $192 to $258, possibly more or less depending on your geographic area. Multiply this result times 1.67 to account for other related costs. Add in the cost of land on which to place the facility, equipment, pens, food, medical and other supplies to ensure proper care and you could easily be looking at millions to start an animal rescue. Animal welfare grants are available from various organizations to help with funding.

How much do animal rescue workers make?

Management and office salaries range from $32,000 to $62,000.

An on-staff veterinarian can command $84,000 a year.

Hourly employee wages range from $9.83 to $13.27, according to

How much would it cost to start a pet sanctuary?

How much do animal rescue shelters charge?

Adoption fees can vary according to the shelter, animal size, age, and breed. For example, the Animal Foundation lists the following guidelines:

Dogs: $105 to $250

Cats: $25 to $50

Ferrets: $75

Rabbits: $25

Hamsters, Rats, Gerbils and Mice: $5

Birds: $5 to $200

Reptiles: $5 to $100

Fish: $.50 to $10

How much would it cost to start a pet sanctuary?

How does animal rescue shelter find customers?

Press releases, newspaper articles, active social media presence and networking, professional website, email lists, snail mailing lists, brochures, fliers, phone, calls, participation in local community events such as farmers’ markets, parades and fairs, online directory listings and the Yellow Pages.

How much would it cost to start a pet sanctuary?

What skills are required?

Fundraising and community networking, people skills, animal skills, good judgment and discernment, a love for animals, animal safety and health; a head for business administration, accounting/bookkeeping/payroll, human resources, legal, taxes, and insurance.

What do I need to operate an animal rescue shelter?

Adequate facilities to safely house, feed and provide training and medical care for the number and type of animal you plan to rescue; board of directors, on-staff veterinarian(s), animal care workers/trainers, office staff, business license, non-profit certification, a lawyer, policies and standards, a budget and accounting/payroll system, volunteers, donors, phone, email, professional website, social media accounts, computer and shelter management software, insurance.

Animal Rescue Business Ideas

How much would it cost to start a pet sanctuary?

Will you rescue domesticated pets? 

Struggling with what to name your animal rescue business? Here are a few ideas:

(place) Animal ShelterCritters and Creatures
Wildlife Rescue ShelterPawsitive Match Pet Adoption
Pets R UsFurkids in Need
Furry Friends HavenSecond Chances Animal Society
Little Paws Big Hearts(name)’s Animal Rescue
Creature HavenHomeward Bound Animal Care
Animal SanctuaryPet Adoption Alliance
TLC Animal HospitalHotel for Pets

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