How to build a Diy wooden target stand

How to build a DIY wooden target stand is a question that people have been asking for years. Target shooting has gained popularity over the years and it has given people a chance to practice their skills. There are many different types of shooting sports that you can take up and they come with different equipment. It is important to get yourself familiarized with the shooting equipment’s and how they work. You can check out different types of stand and other hunting accessories online.

There are many DIY plans available online. If you want to know how to build a DIY wooden target stand yourself, all you need to do is to download one from the Internet. Just make sure that the plans that you download are secure. Make sure that they come with clear instructions on how to assemble the entire structure. Follow these instructions carefully so that you can achieve success in building your own wooden target stand.

DIY Portable Target Stand For Shooting

How to build a Diy wooden target stand
How to build a Diy wooden target stand

Cardboard Target Stand

Are you looking for how to build a target stand with just $6? Then, you’re in luck, there is a quick and easy way to build a target stand using some cardboards that you can just have lying around at home.

With a hammer, saw, pipe cutters, staple gun, and measuring tape at your disposal, you can make a cardboard target stand in minutes. You will need two wood strips and some PVC pipes for this as well. The wood goes into the pipes which can be buried in the ground for balance.

There are many reasons why you need to learn how to build a DIY wooden target stand. One of these reasons is that it will help you in exercising your hunting skills. Target shooting does not only help you in exercising your skill, but it also improves your hand-eye coordination. Your accuracy will also improve a lot when you start practicing this sport.

How to build a DIY wooden target stand starts with choosing the right wood. You should select the one that is durable and strong. The stand should also have a sturdy construction. You can choose from cedar or oak, though maple and spruce are considering to be the best choices.

How to build a Diy wooden target stand

DIY Target Stand With PVC

Having some PVC pipes at home makes the job a whole lot easier. 80 percent of this stand is made with PVC pipes, from the bottom to the top where you will have to insert some wood stripes to enable you to place the cardboard which carries the target mark.

If you don’t have these PVC pipes then, a hardware store will be the ideal place to purchase some, they can also make the necessary cuts to the pipe for you, if not, you need to get a pipe cutter to do the job. Four 1½ inches PVC 90-degree elbows, two 1½ PVC T sockets is the right measurement to fulfill this target stand.

How to build a Diy wooden target stand

How To Make A Portable Target Stand

Having a portable target stand at home is great, you can easily carry it in and out of your house, this one has foldable wooden legs making it easier to store and transport from one location to another whenever you wish to have some shooting exercise.

You should also choose a stand base according to the type of wood. It should be made of light material so that the weight of the whole structure does not become cumbersome. It is best if you use aluminum for the base because it is a stronger metal. Wood also has its advantages. They can be painted in any color, they do not oxidize, and are easy to repair.

The whole frame of this stand is made of foldable wood stripes with a storage place below where you can put some extra target, which is easily replaceable. You might need to have some experience in woodcutting, but it gets easier when you watch the tutorial.

5. Simple Target Stands Made From Conduit

Is cardboard not ideal for you? You can make a change and use something more durable like a metal conduit. I was researching and found this amazing guide on how to build a target stand made from conduit using some thick metal rods as the stand.

This might be heavy to transport, but it looks good, and it’s better and cooler than a regular cardboard and wood target stand. This won’t work well for beginners who have little experience in engineering. So you might skip this choice altogether if it seems too tedious to accomplish.

6. $5 DIY Target Stand

With $7 you can set up this target stand and it will look amazing. The stand is made up of wood and cardboard as the target. The wood has to be evenly cut into small pieces that will be put together to make several spaces.How to build a DIY wooden target stand can also be achieved by combining different plans. For example, you can use a plan that shows you how to make a target box so that your entire target can be put together according to this plan. A good plan can help you save both time and money. It can also assist you in making the best plans for your targets. You can find such plans on the Internet or at any hunting shop.

This is one of the best wooden target stands that is easy to make from scratch and you can easily transport and store in safe places. There is a separate wooden base that is meant to lie on the ground then you attach the other wooden leg that carries that target, it’s very convenient.

7. How To Build A PVC Target Stand


Using PVC pipes to create a good target stand is made easy with this guide. You can make a target stand with PVC and save time and energy when all you have to do is to get some PVC sockets, pipes, and glue.

You will use those materials to make the base, then add two wood stripes into the PVC outlet on top. Then, you can easily hang and unhang your target on the wooden strip. You can’t fold this stand, but you can carry it to a safe place, maybe indoor if you have a backyard shed.

8. 3D Model DIY Target Stand

How to build a Diy wooden target stand

Learn the easiest way to create a model target stand that is easy to build. The whole process is simple with the use of wood, you can make a model that can stand as tall as you. Get some wood stripes and some nails. You need a hammer, woodcutter, and a marker to make markings on where you intend to make a cut.

The wood model target stand should not be too wide, because this is meant to carry the b-27 class silhouette stand that is 25’’ x 45’’. The base should be approximately 26¼ inches apart, with enough wood at the bottom to give it balance.

9. How To Make A Target Stand For $10

How to build a Diy wooden target stand

I came across this earlier today, making a budget of $10, you shouldn’t have any trouble building this target stand for yourself. The materials are easy to come by, hence the price. You need two basic materials for this, two wood stripes and PVC pipes and sockets.

Just to be sure you are ready to get into this and start making this target stand, you will need 4 pieces of charlotte pipes cut out in their various dimensions, 16 pieces of 90-degree hub elbow pipe, and 4 pieces of 1×2’’ x 8 ft. of furring wood stripe.

10. DIY Nerf Gun Target Stand


Let your kids have some fun in the house, with an amazing kiddies target stands at their disposal. You can make a good small target stand for them you know? Instead of buying one. With paper targets, some scrap wood, wood glue, and a nerf gun in their hands, the fun your kids will have will be limitless

You can choose to use wood screws in place of the glue, but for the safety of your kids, it’s best there is no screw with sharp edges around the target stand.

11. DIY Clay Plinking Targets

I went about researching for better ways to make a target stand that doesn’t involve wood, paper, or any heavy metal, and I came across this cheap and amazing way to create a target stand using some clay pinking.

Get a 9 gauge wire and stretch it out to any length you desire. With your pliers on standby, make an oval shape pocket that will carry the width of the clay then, insert the wire into the ground firmly, and you have the easiest and coolest target stand ever. Subsequently, you can use a hardboard, create spaces where you can insert the clay into the hardboard, and use a stapler to make sure it firmly stays intact.

12. Target Stand DIY

Having a free-standing target stand is ideal for many of us that really don’t want to be bothered by any bogus target stand. That is what you will be making today, a simple free-standing target stands with some PVC pipes, cut out to 6’’, 12’’, and 14’’ inches respectively.

Get a glue and glue the pieces of the PVC pipes inches to the 90-degree elbow socket pipes to have your base. Then, get some 2 x 2’’ 5 inches wood and insert it into the pipes, and have your stand ready. Then attach the target board and have yourself a shooting spree.

13. $5 Folding DIY Target Stand

It’s a bit stressful but satisfying to make this foldable target stand. The whole stand consists of wood connected in a way that can be easily folded and put away on a shelf, pending when you’re ready to shoot.

Then, you have your board, preferably a white hardboard that is firmly placed on the wooden stand and you can then, place your target on the white hardboard, or create your own target by drawing on the whiteboard to make it easier to see from meters away

14. DIY Target Stand

How to build a Diy wooden target stand

This is going to take some time, due to the fact that you have to be careful and technical in cutting the PVC pipes that will be used for this target stand. Also, be technical in connecting the pipes to the 90-degree elbow socket, any mistake and you will have to start all over.

This whole process requires a lot of PVC pipes. Two constructed PVC pipe stands, one for the archery target, and the other to place the bow and arrow when you’re done. That is why I said earlier, that this will be technical. You really don’t need that much experience, just pay attention to the guide and it’ll all seem easy.

If you are not sure about how to build a DIY wooden target stand, you should first find a good set of plans. These can be easily found over the internet. Most of the plans are designed by experienced people who have years of experience in the field. The plans should explain all the necessary things you need to know about building the stand. You should get all the information before starting the project.

The aim of the project is to improve your skills in targeting. This can be achieved through practice. You need to go out with friends or family and plan the best place to practice. Always keep your targets close to you at all times. When practicing you can use binoculars or a telescope.

15. DIY Simple Target Stand

How to build a Diy wooden target stand

Have you ever thought about using metal to make a simple target stand, strictly for outdoor use? Well, I came across this, this afternoon and now you have the opportunity to use this guide to make as many targets stands as you want.

It’s not only the stand that gets to be made of metal, although metal pipes will be used for the legs of the stand, you will also need a conduit for the target itself, which will be attached to the stand with some S-hooks. The S-hooks aren’t so durable, so you should expect it to give away after a few firing rounds.

One of the best advantages of this project is that you can easily learn how to build a DIY wooden target stand even if you do not have any experience in carpentry. You can also save money when you use wood as your material. This is because you can buy ready-made wooden targets from the market which you can then cut according to the requirements of your project.

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