How to fix a zipper that came off track

How to fix a zipper that came off track

How to fix a zipper that came off track

How to fix a zipper that came off track. One of the most valuable fashion tips you’ll ever learn is how to fix a zip.¬†Because almost every piece of clothing, including jackets, pants, and skirts, has at least one zipper.¬†It is not always easy to fix.¬†Broken zippers can be the most difficult fashion item to repair. The slider is often broken if it’s moved up or down in various states of distress.

How to fix a zipper that came off track

You can always take the bung zipper to your local tailor for a repair, but if your bag or dress suddenly breaks, you need a quick and easy solution. You might also find that many shops are closed from mid-April to repair the zipper.

We have compiled a list of the top zipper repair techniques using household items like Vaseline, pencils, and nail polish as part our ongoing series ‘How To’ Style Lab.

Scroll down to find quick and easy solutions that will get you back on track.

Your zipper could break for many reasons.¬†Let’s first make sure that we know the name of each zip part (including the slider, teeth and puller), so that the instructions on how to fix it are clear.

How to fix a zipper that came off track

After fastening, the zip may separate or come undone.

1. Use Pliers

Your zipper seems to be working properly, but the zipper comes undone as soon as you fasten it. The problem is in the slider, also known as the part that holds the teeth together. These sliders can become looser and more difficult to fix the teeth. You can send your garment to a tailor for a complete replacement of the zipper. However, you might be more comfortable trying a simpler, cheaper hack.

Grab a pair of scissors while the slider is attached to the garment. The top plate is the part of the slider that attaches the puller to the garment. It is located on the outside of the garment. The bottom plate is the part of the slider that faces the inwardsside of the garment. To restore the slider’s original shape, use your tweezers. You can check if the gap between the top and bottom plates (where your teeth live) is shrinking. This will help you determine if the pliers work.

You should not press too hard as this can cause damage to the slider. This is the best way to get the slider in place. Slowly compress the plates on each side of the puller, until they are just right.

This video shows the entire process. The content was imported from YouTube. You might be able find the exact same content in a different format or more information at their website.

How to fix a zipper that came off track

If the slider falls off the track

2. Use a Screwdriver

The zipper can be removed from the track if one or both sliders come off. First, locate the zip’s ‘bottom.’ The zip’s bottom is usually the end closest to your floor when you are wearing the garment. If you are unsure which side is correct, check the zip’s end with a square tab.

Next, insert the slider with the teeth at the other end. Flathead screwdrivers are useful if you need more leverage to push the teeth in place. To lock the slider in place, slide the teeth into the slider from both ends.

How to fix a zipper that came off track

If the zip is not working:

3. Use A Tweezers

Check first to make sure there is nothing caught in the zip. These obstructions should be removed by hand if possible before you retry the zip.

However, if the object is still stuck, you can try using a pair of tweezers for slowly removing the blockage. You can sometimes dislodge more difficult items by gently wiggling the slider and moving the puller.

How to fix a zipper that came off track

4. Use a Pencil or Washing Liquid

Don’t be discouraged if the zip won’t move.¬†It might be necessary to provide some extra assistance.¬†Begin by coating the teeth around the lodge with graphite. This will help to smoothen the run.¬†To help the slider slide up and down, you can use a little bit of washing up liquid.¬†It is possible to find the exact same content in a different format or to get more information at their website.

How to fix a zipper that came off track

5. Use Vaseline

Vaseline is a good alternative to the washing up liquid and pencil. Begin by getting a cotton bud and coating it with Vaseline. Next, apply the jelly to the stoppage area using the cotton bud. Vaseline is supposed to help you remove small items from the zip.

If you have missing teeth in your jaw:

Missing teeth in zippers can be difficult to fix. We recommend that you take your garment to a tailor for this purpose. Scroll down for quick fixes that you can do until you are able to visit the alterations shop.

How to fix a zipper that came off track

If your zip doesn’t stay up

6. Use A Pliers

If your zip is constantly falling down, it could be a sign that the teeth are either worn away or dislodged. To check if there are any teeth that are not in the right place, you can inspect the zip. Use a pair of pliers to gently reposition the misaligned teeth. If they are all in the right place, you can move on to the next step.

How to fix a zipper that came off track

7. Try Using Nail Polish

Clear nail polish can be used to paint the teeth if you suspect that the teeth are worn down due to too much usage. The clear nail polish will thicken the teeth and help to restore the zip’s functionality. It might be worth applying another coat if the zip doesn’t close after you have applied your first coat.

NOTE: Ensure that you allow enough time for each layer to dry properly before covering it with another coat. Otherwise, the teeth will become swollen and rough.

How to fix a zipper that came off track

Quick fixes

8. Use a Paper clip

If all else fails, and the zip doesn’t stay in place, it might be necessary to replace the zipper completely. A paper clip can be used to temporarily fix the slider’s loop.

To secure the entire thing, attach the paperclip to the zipper’s top by hooking the opposite side of it over the button or clasp.

How to fix a zipper that came off track


Alternativ, you can use a safety pin to secure the zip, such as this:

These are not long-term solutions but they can be very useful if your zip breaks on the move or if you don’t have the time to fix it.

Keep these things in mind to prevent your zipper from bursting again.

10.¬†Don’t Pull it

You can avoid damaging your zipper by not using too much force when fastening it. Use steady, consistent pulls instead to guide the sliders upward and downward. Stop if you feel the puller is not moving easily.

11. Make sure the zip does not have to much tension

It’s possible for the zip to buckle if you try to fasten a bag with too much volume or too small jeans. Avoid forcing the zip. If the zipper is unable to be closed due to resistance, it could indicate that the zip may still fail. Try emptying your bag or taking your clothes to an alteration shop to see what they can do to make it fit better. It’s possible that the zip is too tight to close, which could mean the clothing isn‚Äôt very comfortable.

These are our top tips and tricks to fix a zipper that has broken.

These tried-and-true methods will help you fix a stuck or broken zipper before you toss your tent or tool bag.

How to fix a zipper on a bag

Broken zipper in your bag? It’s possible to fix it. First, remove the zipper slider. Slide the slider up to the top of your zipper. If you need to remove fabric stitching, you can use a seam-ripper. If there is a zipper stop, remove it by using pliers. Slide the new zipper stop from the top of your zipper. Make sure that the zipper slider’s nose faces toward the zipper’s top. Attach a new zipper top-stop to the zipper. This can be done with pliers.

How to fix closed-loop zippers on tents

With a seam ripper, first remove all stitching from the lower end. You must remove the metal stop at bottom of zipper. You can now remove the old zipper slider. Place the zipper teeth in the top grooves on your new slider. Push them down to the bottom. Pull the zipper slowly to check the placement of the slider on the tracks. The slider should be placed nose first. You can pull the slider until the lock track teeth are visible at the bottom if everything is in place. Next, sew a stop at the bottom zipper tracks.

How to fix a zipper that came off track

Zipper Teeth Reluctantly Close

Zipper teeth repair: If your zipper isn’t closing properly, it could be that the teeth are worn out. You can fix it by lightly lubricating the teeth with petroleum jelly or candle wax. Make sure that the lubricant does not clog the teeth.4/11

How to fix a zipper that is too long

You can cut the zipper from its bottom if your zipper is too long and is flapping beyond the length of your bag. Use pliers to remove the metal stoppers and attach it back where you want. Simply pry open the teeth and then remove the metal stoppers. Use a little force to attach the bands to the correct spot. Grab a needle and thread if your zipper does not have metal stoppers.

How to fix a zipper that came off track

How to shorten a molded-tooth zipper

Molded-tooth zips have strong, molded teeth that are fused to the tape. Cut off the top of a molded-tooth zip to fix it. The teeth should be numbered. Slide in the teeth to fix a zipper that has a grooved top, and tighten it with pliers (an essential tool for DIYers). If the zipper has a grooved top stop, you can remove the teeth by gripping the mark with pliers and pulling them until they fall off. Continue by pressing the stop into place on either side of the last tooth.

How to Reduce a Continuous Coil Zipper

You can’t pull the teeth out of a zipper that has a continuous loop (the teeth are a continuous nylon coil), so you will need to remove them.¬†You will need to cut the coil’s front in half just before you attach the zipper tape.¬†Your top stop should be squeezed above the last tooth. Once it is in place, place it on either side of the zipper.

How to fix a zipper that came off track

How to fix a zipper with missing bottom teeth

First, remove the bottom stop from your zipper to repair any missing bottom teeth.¬†Grab the zipper and hold it in place.¬†This may require pliers.¬†Next, take off the zipper’s tack.¬†Turn the item upside down, locate the tack, and then remove it with a seam-ripper.¬†Insert a larger bottom stop to cover the missing teeth. Push the prongs from the bottom zipper stop into fabric just above the old stop.¬†To secure the prongs, use pliers to close them.¬†Turn your zipper right side out. Use a sewing machine, needle or thread to re-tackle the bottom.

How to fix a zipper that came off track

What to do if a Zipper Pull Does Not Work?

You can use a paperclip or a keyring to fix a broken zipper pull. You will have a temporary zipper pull by simply sliding it through the tab of the slider. This is how to use Sugru moldable adhesive when your zipper pull falls off your favorite coat.

How to fix a stuck zipper with laundry detergent

Apply a small amount of liquid laundry detergent to your zipper to loosen it. Mix a little detergent in a bowl. Add a small amount to a dish. Dip a cottonball in the detergent mixture, then coat your teeth with it. Gently unzip the zipper to test it. If the zipper budges a bit, you will need to return it to the original position and then repeat the process until it moves freely. 

How to fix a stuck zipper with a pencil

Grab a graphite pencil to rub the tips of the zipper if it is stuck. To check if the zipper is sticking, take a graphite pencil and rub the tip on the teeth.

How to fix a stuck zipper in the laundry

Try putting the zipper in the washer to get rid of any gunk or dirt that might be making the zipper stick. Apply more lubricant until the zipper works properly.

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