How to start a firewood business?

How to start a firewood business?

In this article I am going to give you some information on how to start a firewood business. This is an excellent idea considering the number of people who want to have their own business which involve getting wood. People will always have need of wood and this is something that can earn you a steady income. If you have decided to start this type of business, then you have to prepare yourself first.

How to start a firewood business

Check Local Government Law

The first thing that you will need to do is to check out your local government in order to ensure that there are no hindrances preventing you from starting the business. It would also be good if you could find out the regulations regarding the harvesting and storing of this wood. You will also need to set up your own shop. This means that you should have proper tools and arrangements for storing your inventory. Of course, it would also be a good idea to have a small garage for storage.

Business setup

Once everything has been prepared, then you can proceed with the actual business setup. You will need to purchase an official permission from the local government in which you reside in. Also make sure that you have a permanent address so that customers will easily access you. Try to arrange a large work area where you can conduct operations. Make sure that you provide adequate lighting so that clients will be able to place their orders comfortably.

Business Insurance

After this, you need to secure a proper insurance policy. It is recommended that you obtain a business license as well. This is because you will be required to submit your business plan to the local government. Besides, you will also need to submit annual reports to the concerned departments of the government in order to clear up all the legal issues involved.

How to start a firewood business

Equipment Needed to start a firewood business

In terms of equipment, you will require an initial investment in order to get started. Since you are still starting out in the firewood business, it would be a wise choice to start small and cheap. However, you will be able to upgrade later on. Therefore, it is recommended that you buy only the essential equipment and slowly but surely expand your investment.

Permits and Licenses

You should also seek help from friends and acquaintances in order to acquire the necessary permits and licenses. Also ask about the available spaces in your community where you can park your equipment. Also find out about the insurance policies that they have. As a new entrepreneur, you will not have any kind of experience in dealing with these things, therefore it is wise to take the guidance of your friends and acquaintances.

How much does it cost to start a firewood business?

ItemCostOne time Purchase
Utility Trailer$500.00Yes
5 Gallons of Gas$15.00No
Misc. Licenses and fees$100.00Yes
Total Startup cost$2,150.00

Another important thing that you should know when you are thinking about how to start a firewood business is about the legalities of starting up this business. Since it is a wood-based industry, you will need a special permit and licenses in order to secure the wood that you are going to use for burning. These include building permits, firewood contracts, and health tests for your staff. Moreover, you must also register your business in your local community so that you can get official tax returns. These are just some of the necessary requirements that you need in order to make your business successful.


Last but not least, knowing how to start a firewood business is very important because you are venturing into a very risky business if you do not have any idea or training about it. Therefore, it is recommended that you find a professional who can guide you in terms of starting up your own business. You will only be able to learn how to maximize your profit if you find someone who has already started a similar business. This is one way of getting valuable information that you can use in your own business.

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