My time at portia cooking set

The My time at portia cooking set is a station that allows you to cook food and produce different dishes. These can be eaten, given as gifts, or used to complete certain quests.

My time at portia cooking set
My time at portia cooking set

My time at portia cooking set

How to get the cooking set

To obtain the cooking set diagram, you must hand over 5 data discs to Petra at the research center, then wait a few days.

You will then receive the diagram in your mailbox.

Note however that there are 4 different diagrams requiring 5 data discs and that the order in which they are obtained is random. So you may have to repeat the process several times before getting the cooking set.

My time at portia cooking set
My time at portia cooking set

Crafting My time at portia the cooking set

  • 6 stone bricks (48 stones)
  • 1 iron pan (5 iron bars and 5 rubber fruits)
  • 3 marble planks (9 marble)


Unfortunately, the positive effects of the dishes are very minor compared to the cost of the ingredients and the time spent preparing them.

It is probably better to use the cooking set strictly to complete the quests and buy items directly to obtain buffs and recover life.

For example, the herbal mixture and simple oinments are relatively affordable in the clinic and allow a good amount of health to be recovered.

My time at portia the Cooking Guide

This guide t aims to teach you all the cooking recipes in My Time At Portia!

Cooking Set

To get started with cooking, you have to craft a Cooking Set. It’s not unlocked by default, you have to research it by giving 5 Data Discs to Petra.

My time at portia cooking set
My time at portia cooking set

Using the Cooking Set is different from other crafting stations. To use the Cooking Set, you have to hold the ingredient you’re gonna use and throw it into the Cooking Set. After the first ingredient, you will have 10 in-game minutes to add the remaining ingredients. If the ingredients do not match any recipe, you will get Wasted Food.


Ingredient Groups:

Spicy Agent = Chili Pepper, Ginger
Spices = Cinnamon, Coriander, Cumin
Fruits = Apple, Apricot, Snake Beer
Vegetables = Pumpkin, Potato Fruit, Bamboo Papaya, Layered Carrot, Lettuce

Bacon Fish Roll1 Blade Fish, 1 Meat, 1 Rock Salt, 1 Palm JujubeDefense +45 for 120 seconds
Bamboo Papaya with Egg-On-Top1 Bamboo Papaya, 1 Egg, 1 SaltRestores 40 HP, 5 Stamina
Blade Fish Mushroom Soup1 Blade Fish, 1 Red Mushroom, 1 Bamboo Papaya, 1 RiceRestores 35% Stamina
Bubblefish Soup1 Bubblefish, 1 Spice, Salt or Sugar, 1 Vegetable, Red Mushroom, Nori, Milk or EggCrit Chance +20% for 120 seconds
Bubblefish Stew2 Bubblefish, 1 Tea, 1 Spicy Agent, Spice, Salt or SugarCrit Chance +35% for 180 seconds
Chicken Risotto with Coconut1 Chicken, 1 Rice, 1 Milk, 1 CoconutRestores 35% Max HP
Classic Spaghetti with Meat Sauce1 Meat, 1 Flour, 1 Red Mushroom, Nori, Milk, or EggAttack +10 for 20 Seconds
Creamy Salmon Stew1 Golden Salmon, 1 Milk, 1 Spice, Salt, or SugarRestores 18% Max HP
Crispy Salmon with Sauce1 Golden Salmon, 1 Rock Salt, 1 FruitDefense +20 for 120 seconds
Delicious Roasted Ribs2 Meat, 1 Salt, 1 FruitRestores 3% Stamina
Fish Porridge1 Fish, 1 Spicy Agent, Spice, Salt, or Sugar, plus 1 different ingredientRestores 5% Stamina
Fishhead Stewed in Soy Sauce1 Fish, 1 Salt, 1 Fruit or SugarDefense +15 for 30 seconds
Fruit Salad1 Salad Sauce, 2 Fruits of the sameStamina +1% per second for 15 seconds
Fruit Tart1 Egg, 1 Milk, 1 FruitCrit Chance +15% for 60 seconds
Golden Radish Soup1 Golden Salmon, 1 Layered Carrot, 1 Ginger, 1 HoneyRestores 20% Stamina
Meat and Mushrooms Stew1 Meat or Lobster Meat, 1 Red Mushroom, 1 Spicy Agent, Spice, or SaltRestores 50 HP, 8 Stamina
Meatballs and Vegetable Soup1 Meat, 1 VegetableRestores 50 HP, 8 Stamina
Mushroom Crepe with Fruit Sauce2 Flour, 1 Apple, Red MushroomRestores 60 HP, 10 Stamina
Pumpkin Shrimp Soup1 Lobster Meat, 1 Pumpkin, 1 other VegetableRestores 40 Stamina
Pumpkin Steamed Rice1 Pumpkin, 1 Rice, 1 SaltRestores 22 Stamina
Roasted Pork with Honey2 Meat, 1 Sugar, 1 FruitRestores 60 HP
Salty Stew Mix1 Salt, 1 different ingredient that isn’t Sugar or Animal FatRestores 0.5 Stamina and 1 HP per second for 30 seconds
Seafood Noodles1 Fish, 1 Flour, 1 Spice+6 HP per seconds for 20 seconds
Seafood Paella1 Fish, 2 Rice, 1 Bamboo Papaya+3% HP per second for 10 seconds
Seafood Stew Mix1 Catfish, 1 other fish, 3 different ingredients that aren’t Sugar, Salt and Spicy AgentCrit Chance +10% for 180 seconds
Nori Burrito1 Coriander, 1 Nori, 1 Flour, 1 Snake Berry+2% HP per second for 30 seconds.
Shrimp and Cheese on Rice2 Lobster Meat, 1 Milk, 1 Rice, 1 SugarRestores 22% HP
Smoked Fish Roll2 Catfish or 2 Golden Salmon, 1 Cumin, 1 SaltDefense +35 for 60 seconds
Spaghetti with Hot Sauce1 Meat or 1 Lobster Meat, 1 Flour, 1 Spicy AgentAttack +10 for 120 seconds.
Spiced Steak1 Beef, 1 Salt, 1 SpiceRestores 60 Stamina
Spicy Fish Soup1 Banner Fish or 1 Blade Fish, 1 Salt, 1 Spicy AgentRestores 7% Stamina
Spicy Tea1 Chili Pepper, 1 TeaHP -3 per second, Crit Chance +30% for 10 seconds
Special Salmon Fried Rice1 Golden Salmon, 1 Rice, 1 SpiceStamina+1% per second for 30 seconds
Spicy Stew Mix2 different Spicy Agent, 3 different ingredients that isn’t Salt or SugarAttack +10 for 180 seconds
Stewed Mushrooms1 Red Mushroom, 1 Vegetable, 1 Spicy Agent, Spice, Sugar, or SaltRestores 15% HP, 5% Stamina
Supremely Spicy Spaghetti2 Chili Pepper, 1 Flour, 1 Mustad, 1 Lobster MeatRestores 30% Max HP, 10% Stamina
Sweet Caviar2 Frog Fish, 1 Sugar, 1 SpiceRestores 30% Max HP, 10% Max Stamina
Sweet Stew Mix1 Sugar, 4 different ingredients+1 HP per second for 120 seconds.
Tasteless Broth1 Meat, 1 Spicy Agent, Spice, Salt or SugarRestores 15 Stamina
Tasteless Stew Mix1 Sugar, 1 Flour, 1 Snake Berry, 1 Lettuce, 1 MilkRestores 6 HP
Vegetable Salad1 Salad Sauce, 2 LettuceRestores 0.5 Stamina per second for 120 seconds


You may or may not be wondering what to do with food and why to spend time making it. The obvious answer is to restore your HP or Stamina. You can also make some food to boost your Attack, Defense and Critical Hit Chance before you go fight against a formidable enemy. Now, the not-so-obvious answer is to increase your relationship with the bachelors. Here’s a list of every meal and how villagers will react to them.

Seafood NoodlesArlo +12, Nora +12, Phyllis +12No OneNo OneIsaac -2
Seafood PaellaMartha +10No OneDjango +8, Sam +8No One
Bacon Fish RollGus +15, Scraps +12No OneNo OneNo One
Bamboo Papaya with Egg-on-TopSophie +10No OneAlice +8, Sanwa +6, Scraps +6No One
Blade Fish Mushroom SoupGus +12, Mint +12No OneNo OneNo One
Bubblefish SoupScraps +12No OneMolly +8No One
Bubblefish StewScraps +30, Tody +15, Mars +12No OneMolly +8No One
Chicken Risotto with CoconutMcDonald +10, Yeye +10No OneNo OneNo One
Classic Spaghetti with Meat SauceArlo +6, Scraps +6No OneNo OneIsaac -2
Crispy Salmon with SauceXu +10No OneScraps +6No One
Delicious Roasted RibsWuya +10No OneQQ +6, Scraps +6, Django +3, Russo +3Lucy -2
Fish PorridgeScraps +12, Dawa +10No OneMolly +8No One
Fishhead Stewed in Soy SauceScraps +12No OneNo OneAlbert -2
Fruit SaladAntoine +10, Dolly +10, Emily +10, Sanwa +10No OneGale -2, Petra -2No One
Fruit TartMolly +10No OneNo OneArlo -2
Golden Radish SoupDana +12, Mint +12No OneNo OneNo One
Meat and Mushrooms StewNo OneNo OneOaks +6, QQ +6, Scraps +6, Siwa +3, Xu +3No One
Meatballs and Vegetable SoupNo OneNo OneScraps +6, Nora +2No One
Mushroom Crepe with Fruit SauceLee +10No OneScraps +6No One
Pumpkin Shrimp SoupPhyllis +10, Yeye +10No OneNo OneNo One
Pumpkin Steamed RiceNo OneNo OneEmily +6, Sophie +6, Sanwa +3No One
Roasted Pork with HoneyQQ +12, Siwa +10No OneScraps +6Lucy -2
Salty Stew MixNo OneNo OneGus +3Albert -2, Nora -2, Petra -2
Seafood Stew MixPresley +12, Qiwa +12No OneNo OneNo One
Nori BurritoDana +10No OneScraps +6No One
Shrimp and Cheese on RiceMartha +12, Sam +10No OneNo OneNo One
Smoked Fish RollOaks +12, Scraps +10No OneNo OneNo One
Spaghetti with Hot SauceNo OneAlbert -5Arlo +6, Nora +5Isaac -2
Spiced SteakNo OneNo OneQQ +6, Scraps +6No One
Spicy Fish SoupAlbert +10, Arlo +10No OneNo OneMars -2, Scraps -2, Toby -2, Tody -2
Spicy TeaPaulie +10Albert -5, Isaac -5Remington +3Mars -2, Tody -2
Special Salmon Fried RiceScraps +12, Dawa +10, Gale +10, Sam +10No OneNo OneNo One
Spicy Stew MixNo OneNo OneArlo +8Scraps -2, Tody -2
Stewed MushroomsAlice +10No OneScraps +6Russo -2
Supremely Spicy SpaghettiArlo +10, Nora +10, Remington +10No OneNo OneNo One
Sweet CaviarTody +15, Qiwa +12No OneNo OneNo One
Sweet Stew MixNo OneNo OneNo OneAlice -2, Arlo -2
Tasteless BrothNo OneNo OneQQ +6, Scraps +6Pinky -2
Vegetable SaladAlice +10, Antoine +10, Carol +10, Sonia +10, Sanwa +10No OneWuwa +8Dawa -2, Mei -2, Petra -2

Where to get common ingredients

Many ingredients will be repeated across recipes, such as Vegetables, Spices, Etc. Here’s a quick reference table that will list a few common ingredients and where to get them.

IngredientBuy fromPriceHow to make/Where to gatherIngredients Needed/Notes
FlourSophie’s Ranch24 GolsWith Blender !! 1 Wheat
CinnamonChop down Cinnamon Trees !! Found near WOW Industries
CorianderEmily’s Food Stall16 GolsGather from Amber Island behind the cave
CuminSophie’s Ranch and Emily’s Foodstall16 Gols

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