Over 40 hormone reset diet pdf [REVIEW]


Over 40 hormone reset diet pdf

Enter the Over 40 Hormone Reset Diet plan. This dietary plan promises to cut through all the hype and delivers real, tangible solutions designed especially for those over 40.

Over the years, studies have shown that aging happens much quicker for those with high levels of hormone imbalances. In fact, hormone deficiencies are one of the leading causes of cancer.

What’s more, the hormones responsible for regulating appetite, metabolism and hunger cravings are directly tied to the production and release of important hormones.

One way they do this is by telling the brain to release certain hormones. The theory goes that any weight loss achieved is due to decreased hunger cravings. If you’re hungry, then you need the right hormones.

Over 40 hormone reset diet pdf

So, how does the Over Forty Hormone Reset diet solve this seemingly insolvable problem? It’s a doable idea, actually. It starts by teaching you what your hormone imbalance is (that you probably didn’t know you were suffering from) and then it helps you replace it.

It shows you how to eat to trigger the release of natural hormones and how to use specific foods to suppress your appetite so that you can eat less and lose more fat faster.

Most diets fail by promoting low energy levels. They fail by suggesting that dieting prevents you from eating enough. This is a fantasy. The truth is, when you eat less, you generally feel less hungry. And when you suppress your appetite, you’ll also experience a slower metabolism.

Over 40 hormone reset diet pdf

But what this really means is that the hormones that regulate appetite and help you burn fat also interfere with your ability to follow-along with diet and exercise plans.

It’s as if the food chains around the globe had suddenly become closed. You can no longer follow the same menus and food combinations day after day without consequences. That means that strategic meal timing becomes critical to your success.

A good diet plan and a strategic meal timing system are necessary for sustained results in any weight loss or fat-burning effort. That’s why the Over 40 HGH Reset diet program takes you beyond current thinking about weight control. Instead of thinking in terms of calories and grams and carbohydrates and fats, it’s time to think in terms of hormonal levels.

That means that you need to learn how to naturally optimize your hormones so that they work in perfect balance with your body chemistry. And that means an extremely versatile diet program that includes not only regular but healthy, intermittent fasting and plenty of fresh fruit and vegetable servings. To learn how to use intermittent fasting safely and effectively, visit the website

In addition to an excellent nutrition plan, the Over 40 HGH Reset program stresses the importance of a solid fitness and training program that incorporate interval training and an innovative fat burning system.

This training manual helps you develop your metabolism so that it works like a fat burning machine. With this intense fat-burning training system, you will accelerate your metabolism’s ability to burn fat faster, more efficiently and permanently. You’ll get results in just a few short weeks.

This revolutionary over 40 hormone reset diet is designed to help those who over forty years old maintain a healthy body. Through its fat-burning system and its innovative hormonal protocols, the Over 40 HGH Reset diet program will put you on the path to success.

If you’re over 40 years old and struggling to burn fat or keep your weight down, then the HGH protocol described in this cutting edge training manual could be just the thing for you.

There are many benefits of Over 40 Hormone Reset Diet to a person who wants to get back to the same health he was in his younger days. A single dietary plan works for different sectors. For instance, it has been seen that people get affected with several dangerous illnesses after the age of forty.

These illnesses include diabetes, thyroid, etc. The following are the reasons why you should adopt the Over 40 Hormone Reset Diet now.

This diet has been designed keeping in mind the requirements of people who get affected by serious health problems like obesity or diabetes. So, it has restricted the usage of carbohydrates, fats and protein as the main sources of nutrition. It has preferred low-fat and high-fiber foods. The main aim of doing so is to reduce the risk of acquiring various types of diseases.

This Over 40 Hormone Reset diet makes use of natural herbs and spices. These substances do not have any side effects. They help to flush out the waste from your body.

As a result, you also feel energized and energetic. You can experience youthfulness once again, if you take a good dose of this particular HGH supplement. Apart from these benefits, it also helps you get rid of fat-burner hormones, which come into action as you enter your later years.

Apart from fat-burning hormones, this particular HGH diet also helps to normalize your metabolism rate. When your metabolism rate is normalized, it leads to enhanced energy levels. It also enhances the functioning of the insulin and glucose glands to deliver sufficient nutrients to the tissues throughout the day for your proper rejuvenation.

You must keep in mind that most people, especially men, experience some form of premature aging. If you live a fast-paced life or consume unhealthy diet, you face the risk of getting many health issues, including getting over-weight, getting obese, getting diabetes and heart disease.

The reason behind all this is poor daily routine, which invariably slows down the metabolism rate. One way of counteracting the effects of aging is through taking an Over 40 HGH hormone reset diet plan. Through this, you can easily reverse the aging process and stay fit and healthy.

If you take this HGH hormone reset diet program, then you have to eliminate junk food from your diet. You can eat only natural and organic foods.

This means that you have to avoid eating meat, fish, milk, egg and other dairy products. Instead, you must eat foods rich in vitamins, minerals and nutrients. It would be better if you choose to eat whole-grain foods, fruits and vegetables more than the other types of foods mentioned above.

Metabolic Cooking – Fat Loss Cookbook

Over 40 hormone reset diet pdf

Who has time to cook gourmet meals that call for 2-3 hours of prep time in the kitchen?

Who has time to research advanced culinary degree level cooking techniques?

Who wants to waste time on a diet that is impossible to follow permanently?

Who wants to follow recipes from authors who don’t know the first thing about fat loss?

The answer? NOBODY!

This is the MAIN reason diets and nutrition plans are failing you.

This is the reason why you end up putting the weight you lost back on and it’s the reason you continue to “Yo-Yo” diet while feeling frustrated and helpless.

And it’s for these reasons that I had to find a solution for myself and for you.

We Have Developed The Simplest And Fastest Way To Preparing And Eating Delicious Fat Burning Meals Every Day For The Rest Of Your Life

Over 40 hormone reset diet pdf

So, if your intuition is telling you that “something’s not quite right”, and you’ve had enough of feeling horrible, then I want you to pay close attention…

Because what I’m going to share with you today will give you the opportunity to live the full, amazing life you deserve…

Just imagine how incredible it will feel when you have the energy to play with your children or grandchildren…

Imagine spending quality time with your partner without feeling tired or guilty about your lack of libido…

Imagine how satisfying it will be when you are able to go full speed all day and get things done, without feeling like your brain has been engulfed by a dark fog…

Imagine seeing the stubborn unwanted flab around your waist and thighs just melt away, with barely any effort on your part…

I mean, just imagine what it will be like to bounce out of bed every day full of life and vigor, and smile as you look in the mirror…

And to have people telling you how amazed they are at everything you do… “What an incredible Mother you are” “What a loving wife you are” and “How great you are at your job”…

And imagine being able to do all this…

  • Without struggling, beating yourself up, or following restrictive diets or exercise plans…
  • Without fear of being called a hypochondriac by your doctor…
  • Without feeling frustrated when blood test results come back ‘normal’…
  • Without suffering through the stress and disappointment of hormonal “treatments” that don’t work or make you feel WORSE…
  • And without having to spend years figuring it out on your own…
Over 40 hormone reset diet pdf

So, let me ask you something…

Have you ever struggled to lose weight even if you have committed to a strict diet and exercise regime?

Do you still feel exhausted even when you’ve had a good night’s sleep?

Do you find yourself feeling constantly down, even when there is nothing to feel down about?

When your hormones are out of balance, they have the power to make you gain weight, keep you awake at night, and destroy your libido…

They can make you feel nauseous or stop you falling pregnant.

They can cause skin irritations and make you unable to focus during the day.

They can make you feel irritable, angry, sad, depressed.

They can even increase your risk of cancer (particularly breast cancer).

Left untreated, hormone imbalance can destroy your health, happiness, and relationships…

And the truth is, it’s CRAZY to put up with these symptoms – when they could so easily be treated.

Balancing your hormones will AUTOMATICALLY force those debilitating symptoms from your life and completely change how you look and feel…

Even if…

Your doctor tells you there is nothing wrong

You’ve had your hormone levels ‘checked’ by a healthcare professional and they’ve come back ‘normal’

You have tried to eat less and exercise more but have failed to lose weight

You have been told you are ‘menopausal’

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Metabolic Cooking and how will it help me burn more fat?

A: Metabolic Cooking series of cookbooks has been designed specifically with maximum fat loss in mind and rather than using ultra low calorie foods that leave you wanting more, we’re using top fat burning foods that supercharge your metabolic rate so that fat loss progresses along much more quickly despite the fact that you still get to eat satisfying, delicious meals.Most regular ‘fat loss cookbooks’ don’t harness the power of these ‘supercharged’ foods and while they may be low in calories, they’re often nutrient devoid, not to mention completely tasteless. We also have a built-in nutrition approach that is ultra easy to use.So it’ll be a no-brainer. You’ll enjoy your food, you’ll fight hunger, you’ll increase your metabolism, and you’ll finally be on a fat burning diet, giving you the weight loss results you should have seen a long time ago.

Q: Can these recipes REALLY help me boost my metabolism?

A: You better believe it! So many people struggle with their weight loss attempts simply because they’ve reduced their calorie level back so incredibly low that they’re hardly providing enough calories for their body to function.Each recipe has been designed using ingredients that provide the highest metabolic thermo-charge which means that just by eating them you cause the body to burn off more calories.

Basically, each of these ingredients is like its own little secret fat loss fighter, working with your body rather than against it.On most low calorie diets the metabolism will actually slow down, that’s because you aren’t eating the right foods and the body senses starvation is taking place. This slow down is it’s natural reaction to prevent deathly consequences.But with these recipes, we don’t focus on starvation at all. We focus on the top fat burning foods that will do the opposite – speed up the metabolism and encourage it to burn off more calories. See why the recipes are so powerful?

Over 40 hormone reset diet pdf

Q: Is Metabolic Cooking for men, women…or both?

A: Regardless of your age, your gender, or your eating background, Metabolic Cooking can help you. Fat loss occurs very similar in everyone – while males and females will have slightly different processes in the body due to hormonal environments, burning fat requires the same thing: you need to expend more calories than you consume.

Our recipes take care of both sides of the equation because they not only cause you to consume fewer calories (without starving and while feeling satisfied) but they also cause you to expend more calories.With both sides of the equation in place, it’s like you’re getting double the rate of fat loss.

Q: What type of person are these recipes for? What if I have a lot of weight to lose?

A: It doesn’t matter if you have three pounds to lose or 30 (or more!), you will without a doubt benefit from these recipes both in terms of them helping you attain a state of maximum health and helping you lose body fat quickly.

When we first designed Metabolic Cooking, we had a wide variety of people in mind. We thought about those who were struggling with diets but couldn’t stick with them because they were bored to tears with the bland foods they were currently sentenced to on that approach, we thought about those who had an ultra slow metabolism from years and years of very low calorie dieting that really starved their body for nourishment, and we thought about those people who wanted to lose weight so badly but just couldn’t give up the pleasure they had in the process of eating.

They wanted high-taste and weren’t willing to give it up. Oh, and we also thought about high level athletes as well. Even though most of these people are already in good shape, we know that many of them want to take things to the next level and really enhance their physique.All of the above individuals were kept in mind when coming up with these cookbooks and all of them will benefit. These cookbooks are literally for everyone!

Q: Am I going to have to buy fancy and hard to find ingredients to create my metabolic recipes?

A: We understand that some of you may have limited access to certain foods based on where you live but I can assure you that each of the recipes uses commonly found foods that anyone should be able to find at their supermarket.The big thing to remember is that most people had no idea the combination of these foods had such strong fat burning powers. These recipes will reveal this to you.

Q: Am I going to have to spend hours in the kitchen everyday?

A: Like you, we are busy and we know that we definitely could not spend hour after hour cooking when our schedule gets filled. We also know that almost every single one of you feels the same way.Life’s busy and you need recipes that can be ready in minutes. So, we’ve taken that into serious account when designing these.

When using these cookbooks, you won’t feel like you’ve just taken a part-time job as a chef in your very own kitchen but rather, you’ll be in and out in minutes and have a delicious fat burning meal in front of you.Plus, we’ll also share some top secret tips for making the cooking and preparing process even faster so for those who are really short on time, you can still stick with your fat burning diet plan.

Q: I don’t know how to cook, is Metabolic Cooking still for me?

A: Guess what? Most of the people we know are in the same position. Many people don’t know the first thing about cooking (apart from how to press ‘Start’ on the microwave) but that’s fine because Metabolic Cooking is going to guide you.Don’t let that make you think you’re going to be learning many intricate cooking strategies though.

If you want that, you better check out your community college nearby for cooking courses they offer.Instead, we’ll go over some simple and fast cooking techniques that deliver high taste and good nutrition. We also include step-by-step directions so it’s so incredibly easy to prepare our recipes, even a five year old could.

They are practically ‘screw-up’ proof. It’s one of the most frequent comments we get back from my clients and readers – they can’t believe just how easy it was to prepare the meals.

Q: Is it going to cost me an arm and a leg in groceries to prepare these fat burning recipes?

A: Times are tight, we get that too. Many people are looking for ways to cut back on their food budget but I firmly believe that cutting back on cost should not mean cutting back on nutrition.In fact, when using these cookbooks you’ll probably find you spend less each month on food than you did before.

Over 40 hormone reset diet pdf

You won’t be dining out because you’ll look forward to these meals and all of the ingredients used to prepare them are so incredibly cost effective.Plus, we’ve also included some money saving tips in the guide as well for those of you who need a little extra assistance in this area.

Q: I am more than 50 years old, will Metabolic Cooking still work for someone considerably older?

A: You bet! We love our ‘wiser’ clients because they often see great results and appreciate it the most out of anyone. Once you start realizing the health benefits these foods provide, you’re not only going to look better, but you’re really going to feel better each and every day.

You’ll have more energy, you’re skin will look healthier, and you’ll have a renewed sense of self-confidence.If you’re over 50 your metabolism may have already started to decline, as it often does with age and muscle mass loss, so with these recipes, you have absolutely nothing to lose and literally everything to gain. If anyone could benefit from these recipes, it would be you!

Q: What if it doesn’t work for me?

A: This is the simplest question of all. If by some chance it doesn’t work…well, then it’s free.Seriously. No question asked. That’s just the way it works.Let me just put it this way: I know the impact that metabolic Cooking has had on me and my clients, and I know it’s value. I’m confident that anyone who follows it will get results.

Period.And so I offer a completely awesome and totally bullet-proof 60 day guarantee for a refund. No tricks, no loopholes. No hard feelings.I’ll give you a full 60 days to try the recipes and if at the end of it you feel it wasn’t what you wanted, you get every penny back. It’s that simple.I’m so confident in Metabolic Cooking that I can do this because I know it flat out works.Test it for yourself.

Experience the results for yourself. And if it’s not everything I’ve told you it is, I’ll give you a full refund and allow you to keep the entire system just for giving it an honest try.Now THAT is a more-than-fair deal, don’t you agree?

Over 40 hormone reset diet pdf

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