Playboy bunny costume diy

With just a few simple and affordable pieces you can create the best Playboy Bunny costume diy and Hugh Hefner Halloween costumes this year that anyone has ever seen.

Playboy Bunny Halloween Costume DIY

Here are four items you’ll need:

1. A Corset or Bodysuit

Playboy bunny costume diy

Amazon Women’s Fashion Black Corset Top and Thong Panty 2 Piece Set Convertible Straps ($12.99)

Okay, first thing’s first, you’ll need to think of what you can wear out as a Playboy Bunny. While you could totally opt for a lingerie look, you can also choose a costume that has the same vibe but covers you up a bit more. October is gold after all. This silky black corset top from Amazon comes with matching underwear and is less than $15.

Playboy bunny costume diy

Playboy bunny costume diy

Music Legs Women’s Strapless Bodysuit($21.42)

Another great way to go is a one-piece bodysuit like Kyle’s. We love that it has clear straps so that you can dance all night long without worrying about wardrobe malfunctions.

Playboy bunny costume diy

2. Stockings Or Black Shorts

Playboy Bunnies wear sexy fishnet-style stockings under their bodsuits, so this is the most classic way to replicate the look. If you already own fishnet tights, wear those. Or you can try a more modest (and less booty-baring) approach with black short shorts:

Playboy bunny costume diy

Amazon ODODOS by Power Flex Yoga Shorts for Women ($10.99-17.98)

You can easily slip on a pair of black shorts over your underwear to complete this look as well. This tight pair of black yoga shorts off of Amazon would match well with your black corset top. This option doesn’t cover you too much, but it covers you up just enough for the flirty Playboy bunny look.

3. Bunny Ears, Tail and Bow Tie Set

Playboy bunny costume diy

Amazon Funny Party Hats Bunny Ears and Accessories ($9.79)

Of course, you’ll need bunny ears when dressing up as a Playboy bunny. This Amazon accessory kit comes with bunny ears, a bunny tail, and a baby pink bowtie–all for under $10. This is definitely a must-have for your costume this year.

4. Heels Of Your Choice

Your shoe choice can be simple and one that comes straight out of your closet. We recommend finishing off your Playboy bunny costume with a pair of high black pumps–or any of your favorite go-to pair of heels.

Hugh Hefner Halloween Costume

Now, onto the Hugh Hefner costume. Here’s three items you’ll need:

1. The Classic Robe

Playboy bunny costume diy

Amazon Rubie’s Secret Wishes Men’s Playboy Hugh Hefner Smoking Jacket Costume ($47.63)

Your partner will need their own Hugh robe for his Halloween look. Amazon offers an amazing dupe for less than $50– note, the price varies depending on the robe size that you order. It definitely looks exactly like the one Hugh used to wear, so you can’t go wrong with this option!

2. Captain’s Hat and Pipe

Playboy bunny costume diy

Tigerdoe Yacht Captain Hat and Corn Cob Pipe($11.99)

This is such a fun accessory for the night. Who doesn’t want to wear Hugh’s signature captain’s hat, while puffing on a fake pipe?

3. Slippers Of Your Choice

We can’t forget about footwear. To keep the Hugh Hefner look extra comfortable, opt for a pair of cozy black slippers like these. Hugh was often seen wearing a pair of black loafers, but these affordable slippers achieve the same look. Choose any pair you already known–it’s not a big deal.

4. Sweatpants Of Your Choice

You’ll also need a simple pair of black pants to wear. Of course, you can pull out any pair of black pants that you already have in your closet, but these Hanes sweatpants make for a comfy option come Halloween night. Plus, buying another pair of sweatpants never hurts, right? You can always use more comfy lounge pants! Just like the robe, the price of these knit pants varies depending on the size that you order.

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