Weider home gym exercises review

The Weider home gym exercises review is a compact home gym system that combines calisthenics with cable pulleys and resistance cords to create a challenging workout at home, without the need for piles of weight plates.

In this review we take a look at the design features that have made this one of the bestselling home gym systems on Amazon, and make some important comparisons to see just how well it measures up to the Total Gym collection.

Weider home gym exercises review

Design features

If you’re looking for a way to include resistance exercises in your current health and fitness routine, the Weider Ultimate provides you with many of the same exercises as conventional cable machines, but at a fraction of the weight and cost.

Weider home gym exercises review

The unique design makes it difficult to class this piece of equipment as either a bench or a multi gym, but because it has the adjustable incline, back support, and dimensions of a bench, that’s what we’re going to refer to it as throughout our review.

Although there’s nothing to stop you from using the bench with dumbbells, there are two other ways resistance can be generated without you needing to buy a separate free weights set.

The first is your bodyweight. With a wide range of incline settings, adjusting the angle of the rail has a direct influence on the difficulty of each exercise.

With the sliding rail fully extended, your bodyweight will naturally make the cushioned support section more challenging to move. Having the cable attachments at the top of the bench means you can use this for exercises from cable flys to seated rows.

Should your strength reach a level whereby your bodyweight isn’t creating enough resistance to make the exercise challenging, then up to 4 bands can be connected to the base, increasing the resistance on the back support / seat by a maximum of 50 lbs.

Weider home gym exercises review

Weider vs. Total Gym

Although there are numerous companies currently offering decline bench and resistance band combinations, we came across very few that used bodyweight in the same way as the Weider Ultimate, which is surprising given its popularity and high ratings.

If you’re interested in taking a look at some similar designs, we discovered that Total Gym actually has a complete product line dedicated to these weights bench / home gym combination trainers. However, even their entry level 1800 Club model is twice the price of the Weider design.

When we were making our comparisons, we also noticed that the 1800 Club only offered bodyweight resistance, with no resistance bands or cords included. There was also a lack of foot plate for the leg press and no real handlebar option, but the 400 lb weight capacity certainly impressed us.

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