What should be in a tsunami survival kit?

What should be in a tsunami survival kit?

What should be in a tsunami survival kit?

What should be in a tsunami survival kit? Disasters and natural catastrophes are difficult to avoid. That’s why they are called natural since they are bound to happen in no time. They can be detected in advance but this can only be in occasions.

No one knows how God can bring forth natural disasters without us being aware. No one can prevent this, that’s why everyone is needed to be alert and attentive in every way possible.

What should be in a tsunami survival kit
Be prepared for a tornado, hurricane, ice storm, or any disaster with a disaster kit. Jugs of water, flashlights,radio, batteries, lantern, back pack filled with blankets, first aid kit, non perishable food, candles, matches, cell phone, books and playing cards.

There are different world-threatening phenomena occurring on earth. And these include the famous tsunami that would often sweep people in seconds and later leave a bunch of damages in every place. This thing can never be prevented nor stopped.

The only remaining option for people is to keep being safe and informed for signs of upcoming tsunamis. These can be done by prior action or response once given a warning of future commotion of tsunami. And one vital tool for safety that anyone should have is a survival kit.

Survival kit specifically contains things one may need in a situation where necessary things are unavailable. It provides the needs of a person for a specific span of time as a means of survival until the disturbance ends.

In case of tsunami, the following paragraph would discuss the steps to prepare your own survival kit.

What should be in a tsunami survival kit

Prepare Your Own Tsunami Survival Kit

Tsunami is considered to be one of the most dangerous phenomena in the world. It can ruin a country through it huge series of waves. It can be created through earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, mass movements and various disturbances above and under the ocean.

It can create a huge damage by running off the land and carrying everything back to the body of water. It has damaged many countries, and recently, it has brought great damage over Japan that caused great liabilities and damaged cities that are far difficult to reconstruct.

But in spite of these material damages, life is still of greatest importance above all things. In a situation of tsunami, there are still ways to survive, one of which is having your own survival kit. Here are the standard things included in a tsunami survival kit:

What should be in a tsunami survival kit

1. Drinking Water. Be sure to have supply of water for at least a week. Reserve sufficient amount of water for every member of the family or for yourself.

2. Food. Keep a supply of food for everyone. In a middle of catastrophe, it is likely for a person to be hungry. Keep foods that are easy to store, specifically canned and packed foods. Be sure that the foods would last for at least a week or more, for you never know when everything would get settled.

3. Utensils. Do not forget to bring with you utensils needed for food consumption. It is better to have disposable spoons, forks, and cups because it is not likely for you to have large amount of water just to wash the utensils.

4. Medicines. Keep medicines for common illness such as headaches, diarrhea, colds, and cough. If one member of the family has a particular ailment, do not forget to have sufficient amount of medicines prescribed for him or her.

5. Clothes. Keep clothes for any weather.

6. Bedding. Pillows, comforter, and foldable blanket

7. First Aid Kit. You never know what the situation can bring. It’s is better to be prepared in minor physical accidents
8. Electric torch. Electricity shut down is inevitable. Be sure to have electric torch with you for the surroundings might really be dark at night.

9. Radio. It is best to be updated on the news. Keep a radio that can be powered with batteries and small in size for easy carrying.

10. Batteries. Bring a lot of batteries possible because it would only be your power supply.

11. Floating devices. This may include life jackets, Styrofoam, etc.

12. Tents, umbrellas, rope, and whistles

13. Cash, phone and keys

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