Where does the word Made From Scratch come from?

Where does the word Made From Scratch come from?
Where does the word Made From Scratch come from?

Where does the word Made From Scratch come from?

What to Know

It is possible to create something completely from scratch by not using any pre-prepared ingredients. In the beginning, scratch in meant that the race’s starting line was “scratched” into a ground. All runners would start from this starting point without any prior preparation.

To cook from scratch, you must use the best ingredients and nothing premade.

Brad and Rachel Cottle will manage the Orlando bakery/cafe. They will use Montana’s Golden Triangle wheat to make their breads.

Where does the word Made From Scratch come from?

It’s absolutely delicious.

Building a structure entirely from scratch requires that you do not use any prefabricated parts.

Collins would be able to save money by using Island trees he cut and milled. He enjoys working for himself, and wanted to spend the time to build the barn . He said that he wouldn’t enjoy sticking framing it, which is the typical lumber yard construction.
Margaret Knight, MV Times, Martha’s Vineyard, Mass. ), 28 August 2019.

You must start from nothing in order to build a business or livelihood .

It might be a good idea to look at art to keep the feeling of connection alive. This is art that reflects on an experience almost everyone shares as a member of a nation made up of immigrants.
Ligaya Mishan, The New York Times 5 September 2019

Start at the “Scratch” (The Beginning Line).

Scratch refers to beginnings. However, to make something completely from scratch does not mean that you can just scratch it and see it emerge. Scratch is a sports talk.

The scratch was originally the starting line for a race. This is likely due to the line being scratched into earth during races held on soft ground.

A.F. A.F.
The Decatur Herald, 30 Jun 1901

It was also used in cricket and boxing. It was used in boxing to refer to a line that was drawn across the ring at which opponents were brought from opposite corners to begin the match.

Tony was afraid that the referee would not give him another round. But to his delight, ‘Time’ was called. Although his head was singing, he came to the scratch looking as good as ever. He wanted to get in this round for everything he was worth.
— P.G. Wodehouse The Pothunters 1902

Figurative Use of “Scratch”

To come up (to the scratch could also be used metaphorically to signify “to present oneself to a confrontation” or “to take decisive action.” In the U.S. we might use the baseball expression to step up to the plate.

He was a skilled man at drying and cutting. He was a brilliant designer and had the ability to create from scratch.
Charles Dickens Hard Times 1854

This was the point Dr. Skinner chose to attack. He had to take his enemy’s field. People who are left in control of the field have the strange habit of believing that their enemy doesn’t dare scratch.
— Samuel Butler, The Way of All Flesh 1903

Running from scratch is not a good idea. However, scratch golfers and scratch bowlers are good enough to continue playing without having to adjust their handicap.

This idea of the scratch being a figurative beginning point is then extended to cooking and building contexts, giving from scratch a phrase that can be used as a starting point for these projects.

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